The Music of SparkleCat

SparkleCat tries to use DMCA music. Some of the tracks are unique tracks.

Artifact (Alex)

Main Music Composer

Alex makes unique and custom music for SparkleCat. The first three tracks you can find in Sparkle's Twitch Channel Trailer. These tracks won't be given out, but you can check out this Majestic Kitty on their socials!

Feature 01

Jared Alexander Johnson

Also known as OwletinSOT

Jared makes music for your Twitch streams. All of it is stream safe and DMCA free. Deserves to be credited even if they wouldn't ask you to do so.


That 6m+ Youtube channel

Made 100 songs in 100 weeks and haven't stopped grinding since 🤘. NEFFEX is all about freedom and creation. I believe you can create your own reality through your mindset and discipline. Never give up 💪