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Who is SparkleCat?

Full of Meows, Sparkles and Motivation!

This prowler is MANY things, and there is loads to say about him. But let's start with the easy ones.

The Connections of SparkleCat

As said above, there's a lot to say about SparkleCat. Let's take a look at what he's affiliated with.

Founder of Two Way

Two Way is an international non-profit organisation that stands for encouraging online positive behaviour by rewarding their members.

Feature 01

Designer to everyone

As a graphic and audiovisual designer, SparkleCat always has running commissions. Interested in Twitch graphics or any other Content Creator-related visuals?

Feature 02

Writer for Helx

The Helx Universe is a newly-created universe for Two Way. SparkleCat is one of the lead writers.

Feature 03

HayzTee's partner

Lover of the marvelous purple T-Rex called HayzTee. No petting allowed. Come check out her Discord server.

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Are you looking for someone, or looking for a way to connect to someone? Maybe SparkleCat can help.

Tool Builder

Is there a problem for a bigger group of people? SparkleCat will attempt to find and build a solution.

Existing Tools here ->

Open for Hire

Do you want SparkleCat (Kevin) to work for your company as an employee? Send him an email right now! He will be available to start immediately.

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Having issues with your Content Creator Journey? Hit SparkleCat up! Due to his work with the Two Way Champions and all the past commissions, he has a lot of experience and insight that may help you.

Privacy First

If you can't find something specific SparkleCat has done, this is because of the EU privacy laws. You can always ask him and he will either confirm this or point you the right direction.

SparkleCat's Portfolio

SparkleCat hosts all his past work on ArtStation.

Feature 04
Dev, tips, tricks and cool things


If you came here to use some cool tools, here you go! More coming every month.

Free Emotes

Free emotes donated by SparkleCat and friends!

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